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Member Highlight: TDIC

TDIC designs, manufactures and sells custom sewn products. The primary products manufactured by TDIC are protective covering systems for robots and other equipment. They also provide design, pattern making, and prototype services for custom sewn products.

Since its inception, TDIC has developed protective covers for many applications including PPE, medical robots, and equipment; aerospace applications; chemical and water booth enclosures; high heat applications such as welding and foundry; water jet, glass grinding, fiberglass blowing applications; material handling applications such as cell dividers, dunnage covers, and fascia covers to prevent damage to parts during shipping or in-plant movement using state of the art technology.

The company was started by Tommaso to satisfy a need for the automotive industry as they implemented robotics into the manufacturing process. Tommaso began by creating and manufacturing protective covers for the robots used to paint automobiles during the assembly process.

Tommaso’s son Mark D’Adreta, its current president and CEO, took over the company in January of 2000. TDIC has grown to well over two hundred employees at 3 locations. In 2020, TDIC acquired Elite Cleanroom Services a recognized name in the automotive industry for the laundering of paint shop cleanroom consumable products, including but not limited to, robot covers, wiping cloths, and gloves. Elite provides significant savings and high-quality services.

TDIC continues to grow and innovate products and services to meet its customers’ needs by responding quickly with environmentally friendly programs that provide the best value.