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Spotlight on Innovation: Cybersecurity

Every month we’ll share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve seen. This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology in the Cybersecurity space. If you’re interested in connecting with these companies, please reach out to

Immue – Anti-bot and Anti-fraud Solution in One

Immue is a next-generation cyber threat solution that offers a revolutionary approach to detecting and preventing bots, human frauds, and automated web threats. Immue leverages advanced machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms to deliver a solution that detects, stops, and prevents threats in one solution. Immue is helping organizations around the world and across multiple industries, including e-commerce, travel, financial services, cryptocurrency, and more to stop human fraudsters as well as the bots that no one else even knows are there.

Cynomi – AI-powered Cyber Protection and Regulation Compliance

Cynomi’s Virtual CISO enables IT service providers to protect their customers with dedicated cyber and compliance support through automated data collection, continuous scanning, and AI- powered analysis. Service providers and consulting firms can leverage Cynomi’s automated Virtual CISO platform to continuously assess their client’s cybersecurity posture, automatically generate tailored policies and remediation plans with actionable tasks and manage their execution.