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Spotlight on Innovation / January Focus: CES Innovation

Every month we’ll share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve
connected with recently. This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology that we met at the
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January. You’ll see these companies are a little
outside of our usual focus sectors! If you’re interested in connecting with these companies,
please reach out to

Healthy Produce from Home

Agwa is creating a kitchen appliance – smaller than a refrigerator – that allows you to grow
fresh, chemical-free vegetables, herbs, fruits, and bulbs from home! The Agwa 1.0 effortlessly
and consistently provides an entire family with produce 365 days a year at a cost that is 50% of
retail. It’s easy to use and the ecological footprint is extremely low – using just 1 gallon of water
and a dollar’s worth of electricity per month.

Easy AR Video Presentations
Aren’t we all getting just a little tired of 2 dimensional powerpoint presentations? Arti is out to
put an end to that!

Arti AR is the only platform that allows business professionals to easily create stunning
augmented reality (AR) presentations, which are 3x more engaging and 70% more memorable
than traditional slideshows. Arti democratizes AR with an intuitive and simple UI.
Their software-only, cloud-based solution doesn’t require any special hardware (like glasses)
and works with any video software.

Check out their video here.