We are a nonprofit organization committed to advancing Michigan’s innovative ecosystem, through Israeli connections.

Who we are

We are a nonprofit organization committed to advancing Michigan’s innovative ecosystem, through Israeli connections.

Scott Hiipakka


Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

Bernard Bourgeois

Director of Ecosystem Development

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

Naomi Miller

Director of Israel Partnerships

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

Veronica Hanna-Senger

Member Relations Manager

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

La'Chattie Smith

Director of Operations and Foundation Engagement

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

Liza Yedwab

Manager of Israel Operations

Michigan Israel Business Accelerator

Our focus

MIBA focuses on five strategic industry sectors that align with the strengths of both the Michigan and Israeli ecosystems. 

Mobility (1)


Silhouette of a tank with a soldier


CyberSecurity (1)


Health-Life-Sciences (1)

Health and Life Sciences

Food_AGR (1)

Food + AgTech



is the world leader in mobility and manufacturing.

ranks 1st in mobility-related patents.

has the 1st connected vehicle technology freeway work zone in the nation.

is home to 96 of the top 100 automotive suppliers in North America.

houses 16 original equipment manufacturers’ headquarters and tech centers.

offers a wide array of all-weather testing sites and mobility infrastructure, including: MCity, GM Mobility Research Center, and American Center for Mobility (ACM).

has 375 automotive research and development centers.

is ranked number 1 nationally with the most mechanical and industrial engineers in the country.


Health and Life Sciences
Food + AgTech

Why we do it

We are proud Michiganders with an intense desire to help fuel Michigan’s economic growth.
With the largest number of tech startups per capita in the world, Israel’s innovation ecosystem is second to none. With such an abundant resource of innovation, Michigan is a natural fit for partnership with Israel.

Why Michigan

Michigan’s economic strength and leadership across multiple industry sectors makes the state an ideal partner for Israeli innovation. Our location, infrastructure, innovative culture, world-renowned educational institutions, and nationally recognized access to talent all contribute to Michigan’s current success and future opportunities for Israeli partnerships.

Michigan rankings



With 133,000 engineers, Michigan has the highest concentration in the U.S.


Cost of Living

With a cost of living 10% below the national average, Michigan ranks as the 4th most affordable state.


Cost to do Business

Michigan ranks 12th in the Tax Foundation’s 2020 Business Tax Climate Index.

Michigan’s cost of living is considerably lower compared to the
country’s other leading cities



Living in San Francisco will cost you 62% more when compared to living in Detroit. Not to mention Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, boasting more freshwater coastline than California, or any other state for that matter.


New York

Living in Brooklyn is 53% more expensive compared to living in Detroit. Michigan is also home to more than 100 wineries and is known as the top 10 craft beer state in the U.S. This has spurred the growth of vibrant and diverse downtown areas throughout the state.

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