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2022 Innovation Awards Made with Israeli Sustainable Materials – Daika Wood

The MIBA’s Taste of Two Nations wine tasting once again featured our annual Innovator of the Year awards presentation. This year, we worked with Israeli company Daika Wood to make sure our awards were as innovative as the winners themselves! Daika has developed a process that makes high quality wood products from wood waste using all natural materials in an earth-friendly manufacturing process while still retaining the unique properties of real wood. With billions of tons of unused wood waste, Daika Wood brings a cleantech solution to the marketplace, providing a circular economy option for industry, along with ground-breaking new applications for natural wood materials. The MIBA was proud to partner with Daika to give this year’s winners a unique, beautiful, and sustainable award that showcases yet another innovative Israeli technology.

Congratulations to our award recipients, pictured below with Taste of Two Nations’ co-chairs Beth Chappell and Regine Beauboeuf, who have made significant contributions within Michigan’s innovation ecosystem!

Photographs by Patrick Gloria, DBusiness Magazine