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Spotlight on Innovation: Mobility

Every month we’ll share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve seen. This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology in the Mobility space. If you’re interested in connecting with these companies, please reach out to

Addionics – Better Battery Performance

Addionics is a battery technology company that develops a chemistry-agnostic Smart 3D Electrode architecture that improves battery performance.

The company’s scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process combined with its AI-based optimization software significantly improves battery performance regardless of chemistry, doubling the accessible capacity, cutting charging time in half, and enabling a 150% longer lifespan, along with providing enhanced safety and economics.

With a mission to accelerate an electrified economy and decarbonized future, Addionics is focused on unlocking the full potential of energy storage for a range of applications, including electric vehicles, aviation and defense, consumer electronics, medical devices, and renewables.

CARRAR – Innovative Thermal management System for Electric Vehicles

Today’s EV batteries safety, performance, lifespan, and charging time are all affected by the internal temperatures within the battery.  CARRAR develops a proprietary low-pressure, comprehensive approach to thermal management, creating as end-to-end solution to ensure high-performance EVs perform at the highest levels possible. 

CARRAR’s system is able to keep the temperatures stable in both hot and cold environments that makes batteries safer, cheaper, and enables ultrafast charging, factors that are standing in the way of wide user adoption.