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Spotlight on Innovation: Health Science Technology

phenofAST – Rapid Bacterial Diagnostics Solution

phenofAST’s technology produces definitive and accurate bacterial diagnoses within hours, instead of days, and allows caregivers to prescribe the right antibiotic the first time.  Using artificial intelligence combined with an optical scan, phenofAST’s technology can result in better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs – and most importantly addresses the growing threat of drug resisting bacteria. 

Biobeat – Wearable Vital Sign Monitor

Biobeat provides wearable remote patient monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum. The company’s AI-driven remote patient monitoring platform includes a disposable short-term chest monitor and a long-term wrist monitor. Both monitors utilize a PPG sensor to continuously provide accurate readings of 15 health parameters, including cuffless blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, stroke volume, cardiac output, one-lead ECG, and more.