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Spotlight on Innovation: Supply Chain

Every month we’ll share just a couple of the many unique and exciting Israeli innovations we’ve seen. This month, we are highlighting Israeli technology in the Supply Chain space. If you’re interested in connecting with these companies, please reach out to

Supplyve – Digitizing the Inventory Management Process for Independent Grocers

Large grocery chains have sophisticated systems to handle product ordering and inventory management, but what about the little guys?  Supplyve provides small businesses (think independent grocers and c-stores) with solutions for efficient inventory tracking, high-level product procurement, in-depth forecasting, and pricing analytics.

Supplyve’s ordering and inventory management SaaS product can cut your back-office operations by 50%.  Their invoice scanner can help grocer’s keep track of orders, identify missing products, and send alerts when product is low simply by scanning any paper invoice from suppliers.

Supplyve is currently looking for partners in Michigan to test out their solution for themselves. 

Amphorica – AI-Powered Logistics Optimization Platform

Amphorica’s proprietary software algorithms automatically extract insights from terabytes of complex logistics data, allowing decision-makers to focus on their main task: getting parcels safely and cost effectively to their destinations. Their predictive AI algorithm cloud platform is the “operating system” for logistics optimization, process automation and predictive failure/risk-reduction. 

Some examples of how Amphorica’s solutions can help you realize up to 40% in cost-savings:

  • Optimized Resource Allocation: AI-powered tools that automate scheduling to close operational and planning gaps between planned and actual.
  • Temperature-controlled Pharma Delivery:  Reduce loss and damage by predicting mission risk-levels with pro-active alerts.
  • Airfreight Optimization System: AI-powered command systems to automate planning and allocation booking working with multiple systems and data sources.